Burial and Revival: Lessons from an Ash Gourd

The site was desecrated and beyond the point of salvage when I first saw it. A small portion of the campus land had been ‘given’ to a bunch of us to experiment with growing of edible plants and vegetable. ‘Giving’ simply meant the permission to use the space, minus any rights over it. So, weContinue reading “Burial and Revival: Lessons from an Ash Gourd”

Reanimating the world

Ah! there you are!” I exclaimed to a flat bean and plucked it gently while looking for more. The colour of the beans blends ever so perfectly with the leaves, that they seem to be playing an eternal hide-and-seek with anyone interested in harvesting them. I often lose time when hanging around plants, and trees.Continue reading “Reanimating the world”

For the love of the earth

Though my ears were still ringing as I got off the patent rickety state transport bus of Maharashtra, it didn’t miss the crackle of dry leaves carpeting the dirt road. I have grown up amidst the crowded lanes of Delhi, and as a result was the typical urban millennial until a series of experiences convincedContinue reading “For the love of the earth”