I am broadly interested in understanding –

How do we relate to Nature,

What is the role of socio-cultural practices and technical artefacts in shaping the relationship,

How can a desired relationship with Nature be nurtured in the form of collective action?

As part of my doctoral work, I have been working at the interface between environmental education and cognitive science, with a focus on community-practice based approaches such as urban farming. The motivation for this approach stems from the failure of information-based environment education in promoting impactful and relevant sustainable practices. Through this study, I have identified embodied interactions that help embed in students ideas of interdependence and frugality. These interactions also help students extend environment-oriented actions to wider spaces, such as their apartments and communities.

I argue that such practices, and this understanding of practice, are crucial for promoting pro-environmental actions widely. The long-term objective of this project is to develop policy recommendations, which would allow redesigning the environment education curriculum in an action-oriented fashion.

Get in touch if you are interested in collaborating for any research or educational projects.

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