About me

I am a field-researcher in the guise of an academic. My Cunning Plan to evade full-time employment and unlimited time for day-dreaming (blame Bengali genes for the self-righteous laziness) involved a very convoluted journey across research institutes, NGOs, publishing houses and what not. I think I have succeeded a bit too much. My gainful unemployment has resulted in a passionate interest in foraging, gardening and trying to understand what makes us a bundle of contradictions. I try to counter the immense grief of ecological collapse by unearthing narratives of resistance, hope and action. Seems like the right thing to do.

My long term plan involves living on a forest farm, off the Grid, and under the Sun. Till then, these posts will have to do. If you are a kindred spirit, naive enough to join me in uncharted terrains, feel free to contact, preferably with a few seeds and a spade.

What People Say

If you see her grinning with her fist closed, she has something in it you don’t want to touch.

Sympathetic Partner

She is worse than me.

Infamous sibling

It’s not that she doesn’t like you. It’s just that she loves trees more.

Tree friend

Let’s build something together.

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